Are we evolving or DEvolving?

Any mechanics or car/boat/motorcycle enthusiasts out there?  What happens to a car when you consistently put the wrong type of oil, gasoline, and transmission fluid into it over the years?

Any IT, Programmers, or other computer enthusiasts reading this?  How much time do you spend researching the best hardware and software on the market that will make your computer run as fast and efficiently as possible?  How much time do you spend fine tuning your computers?

Any zookeepers, veterinarians, or wildlife enthusiasts reading this?  What do you suppose would happen if we took a lion out of the wild and started feeding it exclusively candy and cereal?

As a society, we spend so much time every day of our lives perfecting our respective crafts, our careers, our hobbies.  We study these parts of our lives and ponder them constantly.  Yet very few of stop to think that the human body is by far and away the most complex, intricate, amazing, and interesting machine/organism on the planet!  Most people don’t stop to think about what the most optimal fuel is for their body, or how every morsel of food and drink that they allow to pass their lips and move into their digestive tract affects every single cell of their bodies.  Perhaps they might stop to think briefly about it when they reading articles in self magazine or men’s health but they don’t take a deep enough dive into it to really uncover any real truths.

Why is that?  Do people believe that their health is truly out of their own hands?  I’ve heard people say “you can try to eat right all you want, but at the end of the day, genetics will determine if you get sick or not, so you might as well live your life and enjoy yourself.  Eat what pleases you”.  Is that it?  Is there this pervading belief that we have no control over our health?  Is it that we have been led to believe that we ARE in fact currently eating healthy by our government and large food corporations?  Is it because the research and data out there is SO contradictory and confusing that the public has lost faith in the “science” behind healthy eating?  Is it because it’s just too hard or too boring to eat healthy?

Do people even know HOW to eat healthy?  Do they know what stress does to us?  What role hormones like leptin, ghrelin, cortisol, insulin, growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen (the list goes on) play in the regulation of our bodies, and how they can be thrown completely out of whack by the way we eat, sleep, exercise and deal with stress?  That a large part of our immune systems reside in our gut (intestines) and that we get sick as often as we do in part because that part of our immune system has been destroyed by what we eat and how we live our lives?

Why don’t people give their health (and the health of their children) the same attention that they do to their careers, their golf strokes, their video games, their computers, their movies, etc etc?

Before life got all complicated for us humans, we lived in the wild.  We acted like animals…and you know what?  Maybe that wasn’t so bad after all!  Certainly modern times have brought us some absolutely incredible innovations that have changed our lives for the better (modern medicine and surgical procedures certainly save lives, and we are certainly safer from being attacked by wild animals or dying from a simple infection from a cut we sustained while hunting or cooking our food).  But, before life became complicated (about 10,000 years ago before the advent of agriculture):

  • Since there were no lights people slept soon after the sun went down and arose with the sun.  We got way more sleep.
  • We got way more sun and thus way more vitamin D.
  • Our jobs were simple and straightforward: hunt and gather our food, build basic shelters and weapons to hunt and to protect ourselves from wild animals (and other humans), interact with/bond with our communities and play with/raise our children.  Thus we had less chronic stress and our cortisol levels generally remained within healthy limits.
  • There was no such thing as organic vs. conventional food because everything was organic.  There were no pesticides and no GMOs.  We ate “clean” without having to think about it or decide to.  It’s just the way people ate.  ALL animals we ate were grass fed and all fish were wild caught.
  • Our soil was alive and rich in nutrients and thus the foods we ate carried those rich nutrients to our bodies.
  • We had zero factory toxins in our air polluting every breath we took.
  • We were at one with nature, which sounds hokey, but there is growing evidence that our removal from nature has been very detrimental to our health.
  • We had ample time to unwind and relax.
  • We were migratory and got plenty of natural exercise every day through our natural activities.

Back in the day, we didn’t have to think about “eating healthy” or “getting exercise” or “getting enough sleep” or “managing our chronic stress” or “detoxing our bodies from toxins and pollutants” or “filtering toxins and pollutants out of our water”.  NONE, I repeat NONE of those things existed 10,000 years ago.  We intuitively lived our lives in such a way that they were in total accordance with nature.  Our lifespans were generally shorter, but that was mostly because we were attacked by wild animals, or we would die of simple wounds that would get infected and we had no antibiotics, or we were murdered by other humans.  Repeated anthropological studies of ancient human skeletons show a picture of a much healthier, larger, stronger, and largely disease free human being.

 Today, we live in a world of stress and pollutants.  We eat a completely different diet filled with foods that we never evolved eating like most grains, processed foods, dairy, extreme amounts of sugar and synthetic sugars.  Our foods are loaded with pesticides.  Our soil has been destroyed and depleted of nutrients and thus our foods are less nutritious.  We eat too much and exercise too little.  We sit at desks all day.  We stress about paying bills and just affording to get by.  We are completely sleep starved and live on caffeine which perpetuates our chronic stress levels.

Tell me, what do you think all of these changes have done to us as a species?  Are we better or worse off?  Are we healthier?  The government and would like us to believe so, constantly citing how people all over the world are enjoying longer lives.  But how much of those extended lives are lived in excellent health?  How many people over 50 years old do you know that aren’t permanently taking a statin to lower their cholesterol, or a drug to lower their blood pressure, or pills for their heart, or arthritis, etc etc?  Not many.  In fact, almost everyone I know over 50 takes some form of pharmaceutical drug and if they were to stop taking them they would either die or it would be such suffering to live that death might be a welcome alternative for them.

How many people do you know that are in their 30’s and on these pills?  I know quite a few!  How many overweight people do you know?  How many depressed people?

Despite modern medicine’s “best efforts” cancer rates have skyrocketed over the last 40 years.  Same with heart disease.  Diabetes has run rampant.  Same with autoimmune diseases like MS, crohn’s, thyroid diseases, etc.  What’s with this tremendous uptick in sickness?   Don’t people ever ask themselves this stuff?

Is it possible that in many respects we have DEvolved rather than evolved?  If we continue down this path, man will surely be what destroys man.

And THAT is what this blog is truly about, guys.  I want to be a beacon.  I want to help wake everyone up!  I want my son and his children and his children’s children to grow up in a better world than I did.

I’m not saying that we should completely scrap everything that modern times has brought us.  Things like the Internet and modern medicine have undoubtedly brought our species to another level.  I’m just saying maybe it’s time to take inventory of ALL of the changes we have made to the way we live, on a societal level and an individual level.  Once we have that inventory, let’s take an honest look at it, and admit where we messed up.  Then let’s correct it!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments section below.  Please help spread the word by sharing this blog with your friends and family.  More to come…

– Rick

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