WTH is “brown fat” and why should I care about it?

Really interesting article just surfaced this week showing that humans have much more “brown fat” than originally understood.  So why is this important?  Humans have brown fat, beige fat, and white fat.  Bottom line: brown fat is packed with mitochondria, and increasing and activation of brown stores causes your metabolic rate to rise, weight loss, […]

The Dose Makes the Poison – Just Not in the REAL WORLD!

They say “the dose makes the poison”. And this is true! But it’s also a brilliant way to cover up a scandal and hide the REAL truth. For instance, maybe the amount of sugar in a teaspoon of honey won’t make you sick. Heck, maybe it’s even good for you at that dose! But does […]

Here’s what you’ll learn in my blood sugar & insulin group coaching program!

A broad overview of the topics I cover with clients in my online group coaching program, “The Natural Blood Sugar & Insulin Fix” We cover diet, balancing circadian rhythms, optimizing sleep, balancing hormones, removing toxicity from your lifestyle and environment, supplements, and more! This is the most comprehensive program you will find, and I’ve made […]

We’ve traded HEALTH for Convenience

The hallmark of modern-day living is convenience.  We’re always looking for new and better ways to make living life easier.  I’m going to cite many examples of this in this article.  Technological, industrial, pharmaceutical, and agricultural advances have made this possible. We’re actually at a point now where the advances in these industries are happening […]

The skinny on bio-identical hormone replacement.

Hormonal imbalances can cause many undesirable symptoms and can even contribute to long-term development of serious conditions and diseases.  See the graphic below for a brief list of symptoms related to hormonal imbalances:     I’m often asked for my opinion on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  Here is my answer in my latest video.  I […]

The connection between oral health, gut health, and overall health. 

By Rick Gold, Certified FDN Practitioner. As a certified FDN (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition) practitioner, I work with clients to help them find and eliminate the root causes of their symptoms.  The body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism, and all it needs from us is to give it what it needs to do its job: removal […]

The Sleep Series – Episode #2 – Circadian Rhythms, Blue Blockers, and a special performance!

In this video, I describe what circadian rhythms are and one reason that our circadian rhythms get out of whack. I also give you a few great tips to counteract this phenomena and improve the quantity and quality of your sleep by naturally boosting your body’s melatonin production! There is real research behind using blue-blocking […]