Flourless banana pancakes!

Trick question, right?  I mean, who doesn’t love pancakes?  You’d have to be insane not to.  The problem is, the flour and the carb/sugar content make them terrible for our health!  Not to mention that traditional pancakes are almost completely devoid of nutrients.  Basically, traditional pancakes are junk food (especially when we drizzle syrup on them!).

Well fear not, peeps.  I’m here today to tell you that not only can you and your kids keep enjoying pancakes several times per week, but you can do so completely guilt free and even feel great about eating them with reckless abandon!  Sound too good to be true?  Not if you follow my recipe for 100% natural flourless pancakes!

These “paleo-friendly” pancakes are loaded with nutrients from bananas, almonds, eggs, coconut oil, and pasture raised butter!  In one meal, you’ll get high quality protein, healthy carbs, and super healthy fats.

Try this recipe over the weekend and see how you and your kids take to it.  My son literally devours them and never needs to add syrup because they are naturally sweet.  You can find all of the ingredients listed at whole foods or other high quality grocery stores.

In a large bowl mash and mix:

– 3 bananas (preferably organic).

– 3 eggs (preferably organic pasture raised.  We use Vital Farms eggs).  You could use 4 eggs if you want to up the protein content.

– 1/4 cup of raw almond butter.  You can use Maranatha Raw Organic Almond Butter. (if you choose to use 4 eggs, up this to 1/3 cup of almond butter).

– 1 Tablespoon of raw organic expeller pressed extra virgin coconut oil.  We use Garden of Life brand.  (my wife likes to melt it before putting it in the mixture to avoid clumping but it’s not necessary).

– Add organic vanilla extract, organic cinnamon, and organic nutmeg to taste.

Mash the mixture into a liquid until it resembles pancake batter.  Its OK if many tiny lumps of banana remain.

Preheat a large frying pan on medium heat.

Coat the pan with butter (preferably Organic Valley Grass Fed Butter). Remember to coat the pan again before each new batch you cook.

Once the pan is fully heated, pour batter and cook until each side is golden brown like in the picture above.  TIP: wait until the batter starts to harden on the top of the pancake a bit before flipping.  If you try to flip them too early they will fall apart!

It’s best to keep these pancakes on the smaller side (maybe 3″-4″ in diameter) to avoid breakage.

You shouldn’t need syrup because the pancakes should be naturally sweet (unless you are using bananas that are really not ripe enough yet.  It’s best to use bananas that are just right: yellow without black or brown spots).  You can use liquid vanilla stevia from NuNaturals to sweeten up the batter (maybe 8-10 drops).  If you are using unripened bananas the texture of the pancakes will be more firm.

If you give this recipe a try, I’d LOVE to hear your feedback!  Please comment in the section below and let me know how it went.  Have a great weekend guys!

– Rick

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