Functional Lab Testing

Functional Lab Testing Microscope

Functional Lab Testing is very different from traditional lab work.  Functional lab testing aims to assess how a specific area of your body is functioning.

For example, you might not have liver disease, but does that mean that your liver is functioning optimally?  Does it mean that your liver is doing a good job of cleaning toxins out of your blood?  Not necessarily.  Functional lab testing for your liver determines how well your liver is performing the key function of detoxifying your body.


There are 2 fees involved when you order functional lab testing through Gold Functional Wellness:

1) Gold Functional Wellness fees (see below).  This fee is for access to the functional lab testing, guidance through the process of specimen collection, and a one hour results & recommendations consultation for each lab.

2) Lab fees.  I do not work for the labs.  They charge their own fees which vary in price depending on the lab ($80-$600).  You pay the functional lab testing lab fees directly to the labs.  Click here for more information on the types of labs I have access to.

I can work with anyone, anywhere in the US.  For clients outside of South Florida, The labs will drop-ship functional lab testing kits to your home.  Most tests are saliva, urine, and stool.  For blood tests, I will help you find a lab in your area that will draw your blood for a small fee.  Consultations done by Skype or phone.

Click here to order 1 lab for $349.

Click here to save money by prepaying for 5 labs (save $100 per lab!)

“Working with Rick has been invaluable to me. He has a wealth of knowledge that he is willing to share, and that knowledge is a huge resource for those dealing with system malfunctions such as leaky gut, candida, poor liver function etc. Rick has been such a pleasure to work with, so understanding about our limited finances and delays in the schedule. He’s also had good ideas about some of the health problems my children deal with, and has sent me links to relevant research.

The tests themselves provided answers and understanding to the health problems I had set out to solve. They were very comprehensive, and easy to do. Sometimes it can feel like you are stumbling around in the dark, when trying to solve chronic health problems. So many symptoms, that no main stream doctor can connect or explain, and which they want to treat individually, when you know there is a missing link. Working with Rick shed light, connected the dots, and made sense of what I have been dealing with.”  Beth B., – Alaska

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