Heart disease, saturated fat, cholesterol & statin drugs!

heart disease

  • Do you think butter is bad for you?  How about coconut oil or other saturated fats?
  • Do you think margarine is better choice?
  • Do you think that cooking with vegetable oils like soybean oil, canola oil, or cottonseed oil are better for you than cooking with coconut oil or butter?
  • Do you think that cholesterol causes heart disease?
  • Do you believe that statin drugs prevent deaths from heart attacks?

I recently stumbled upon a 2-part exposé about heart disease, saturated fat, cholesterol, and statin drugs that is a must-watch for everyone.  This series interviews prominent cardiologists and scientists about what the science really says about these incredibly important issues that affct all of us, and it contains truth bomb after truth bomb.  The truth is starting to come out about heart disease, cholesterol, and statin drugs, and the reality is that, quite simply, we have been lied to for the last 40 years about the causes of heart disease, and the foods that are healthy and unhealthy to eat.

At first, when I saw that this television series aired on ABC, I thought “WOW…ABC aired this?  No way!  Impossible! Kudos to them!”…and I was right:  ABC did air this series…except not the ABC that we know here in the states that is dedicated to reporting trash just like every other news network.  This exposé was aired by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which has no affiliation with the American broadcasting company named ABC (are you surprised?  I’m not!).

Anyway, the program that ran this expose is called Catalyst.  For your convenience, I have embedded both of the 30-minute shows below.  Do yourself a favor and WATCH both in their entirety!  Then send this blog to every single person you know!  They are fantastic!   The link above to the Catalyst web page includes the full interviews with all the contributing expert witnesses.  I encourage you all to check that out as well.  As always, thanks for reading, and I encourage feedback and commentary in the section provided below!  Enjoy!

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