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Functional Blood Test Interpretation Report Plus 30-Minute Results & Recommendations Phone Consultation.


(Click to enlarge) You'll never find a more comprehensive analysis of your blood test results!

(Click to enlarge) You’ll never find a more comprehensive analysis of your blood test results!

How many times have you done blood tests with your doctor, received the results, and had absolutely NO IDEA what any of it meant?  If you answered “EVERY TIME!”, then you are not alone.  Most doctors will run a blood test and either tell you “everything is fine” or “you have XYZ disease or condition”.

But what about the space between that?  Have you ever heard your doctor tell you that your blood work looks fine, but you certainly didn’t FEEL fine?  In fact, you felt downright awful and very symptomatic?  That’s because most doctors use blood tests to diagnose disease and not to help you achieve optimal function!

Send me your blood test results and I will send you back a comprehensive report that explains:

  •  ALL of the out-of-range markers on your test (what they are and what it means if they are out of range).

  •  Functional assessments of heart heath, thyroid health, adrenal health, hormone balance, blood sugar, digestive health, liver, & kidney function, & immune health.

  •  Nutritional deficiencies.

  •  Recommendations to help correct any malfunctions or imbalances.

The report breaks down your health into functional categories and tells you what needs improvement.
The report breaks down your health into functional categories and tells you what needs improvement.

Out of optimal range report
(Click to enlarge) Report discusses EVERY marker on your blood test, educates you on what it is, and what it means to your health if it is out of range.

(Click to enlarge) breakdown of Macro-Nutrient  status.
(Click to enlarge) breakdown of Macro-Nutrient status.

(Click to enlarge) Breakdown of Micro-Nutrient needs.
(Click to enlarge) Breakdown of Micro-Nutrient needs.

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Client Testimonials:

“Recently, I had my blood work results evaluated by Rick Gold who is the President of Gold Functional Wellness. I met Rick on his Facebook page — Evidence-Based Healing.

I have to say, I was a little nervous about the process. It seemed out of my character to talk with someone about my health; especially someone I didn’t know. However, I was mistaken. Rick was very professional and treated me with the utmost respect. He was quick to respond by email and assured me that he was exactly who he said he was – a certified FDN Practitioner.

I then sent Rick all my labs and he ran it through his comprehensive software. I then received (via email) a PDF file with all my blood work analyzed in a clearly defined report that included my optimal blood work outcomes.

I went through the document many times reviewing all the information, which I found very accurate and valuable. Soon thereafter, I scheduled an appointment with Rick to speak to him on the phone. He called me as planned and we went through my all-encompassing health report. Rick was very easy to talk with and is full of a lot of beneficial evidenced based health knowledge. He answered all my questions and explained any inquiries I had on my blood work, diet and overall health.

It should be noted, as a woman, there was never I time I felt uncomfortable. In addition, I didn’t feel like he was trying to “sell” me anything. He shared with me his professional opinion on how to deal with my health issues and we established a short-term plan. I felt like part of the team and I am confident with my blood work results, his support, a good diet and clear health plan I can improve my over all well-being.

Everyone should have this opportunity and I would recommend Rick to anyone wanting to know more about their personal health. Thank you Rick for your information, knowledge and encouragement.” – Erin S. – Maryland

“The blood test interpretation report is phenomenal! In a field where caring for each client’s needs is essential, yet exceptionally time-consuming, paired with clinical correlation and proper training, this software enables practitioners and doctors to better help more people in an effective, efficient, and targeted way. It has even helped me to find the root cause of my own daughter’s sudden condition and gave me solid direction for further investigation, areas for improvement, and specific healing protocols at a time when I was worried, scared, and at a loss as to where to start. This is an exceptional program that not only guides health care professionals, but gives direction and an empowered plan of action to the client or patient, as well. Thank you, Rick, for introducing me to this invaluable tool and for expertly guiding me through the process! I will be certain to continue to use this software with my clients and my own family, as well.” – Carla A. – Canada