How I work.

A lot of people ask me to explain what I do as a Functional Wellness Practitioner. My philosophy is to take a deeper and customized approach to address your health.

A few important distinctions about my practice:

  • While following the healing protocols that I recommend may indirectly reduce or eliminate your symptoms, I don’t specifically treat symptoms because I know that everything you are experiencing points to malfunction and “dis-ease” occurring in your body. There are no “normal” symptoms. A truly healthy person should rarely if ever experience low energy, fatigue, random headaches, joint pains, digestive discomfort, etc.  Just because everyone is feeling those same symptoms that doesn’t mean that they are normal. It just means that everyone is experiencing malfunction in their bodies.
  • When it comes to the health and wellbeing of my clients, I don’t guess, I test!

Your symptoms could be stemming from any number of underlying issues and I don’t (nor should anyone) pretend to be smart enough to guess what those underlying issues are.

Frequent headaches may be caused by dehydration, food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, pathogens, leaky gut, or it could be that your spine is out of alignment.

How do you really know what is causing those headaches without functional lab testing?  That’s where I come in.

During the initial consult with clients I get a snapshot of how they are feeling and the symptoms they are experiencing. At that point, I do not offer any recommendations.  Instead, I use functional lab work (saliva, urine, blood, stool, and hair) to uncover potential hidden malfunctions in the following bodily systems:

– Steroid Hormone Balance (Cortisol, DHEA, Pregnenolone, Testosterone, Estradiol, Progesterone, and Melatonin). I also have access to in-depth thyroid function panels.

– Digestive system (gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, find pathogens, bugs, food sensitivities, celiac). I also run labs that tell me how well you are digesting and absorbing the food you eat.  There is a saying: “you are what you eat”.  Well, you can take that a step further: “You are what you digest and absorb”.  In other words, you can eat all of the healthiest foods on earth, but if your digestive system is malfunctioning you simply aren’t going to digest and absorb enough of those nutrients to have any beneficial impact on your health.

– Immune system (Is your immune system functioning properly?  Is it overactive and clearly fighting something off, like a persistent low-grade infection, or food particles that have leaked into your bloodstream?)

– Detoxification (toxicity from metal, exposure to pollutants, liver function)

– Neurotransmitters

Additionally, I have access to advanced blood panels that provide deep analysis of heart health, cancer risk, inflammation levels, and much more.  Click on the services page on this website for a more complete description.

This may sound strange, but I actually prefer to work with people who have already seen their doctor or several specialists, and perhaps other health coaches and are still struggling with health issues and complaints; Someone who feels ill but their doctor tells them “everything looks fine”.  Those are the people who really appreciate this very important difference in how I work.  With the use of functional labs I am usually able to uncover the root cause(s) behind most of their symptoms.

Once I find these hidden malfunctions, or “healing opportunities”, I then tailor a specific healing protocol for my clients based on their situation.  I teach my clients how to make a dramatic impact on their overall health through the use of a holistic “self-care” model.  We address all areas of their bodily function by designing a protocol that requires lifestyle changes and deep commitment in the following areas:

– Diet – Guide the client through the process of determining their specific metabolic type and using a service that can tailor an eating plan for them.  Additionally, I recommend total removal of foods from their diet that have shown to be inflammatory on their food sensitivity panel.

– Rest – Regardless of the clients’ situation (night shifts, sleep disorders, etc.), we work to find a way to get them the proper rest needed for healing.

– Exercise – I suggest specific forms of exercise based on the clients’ current situation (health, age, schedule, etc.)

– Stress Reduction – There are two types of “bad” stress that negatively impact our health.  The first is mental and emotional stress or stress from trauma.  I suggest ways for the client to alleviate those stressors.  The second type is hidden internal stressors which I have discussed in this article.  To address the hidden internal stressors we use the lab work to uncover them and the natural protocols to alleviate them.

– Supplementation – I build customized supplement protocols for the client that contribute to long-term healing of those hidden malfunctions and also provide some immediate symptom relief.

A closing thought:

  • The protocols that I run with my clients are not magic pills.  It takes time, effort, and significant lifestyle changes in order for them to heal.  Some protocols may take months and some may take years.  It is likely that the client has (knowingly or unknowingly) spent decades doing damage to their bodies.  It’s nearly impossible to turn all of that damage around in a few months.

Thanks for reading!

Rick Gold, FDP

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