Caged lion at a zoo.

Question: If you take a lion out of the jungle, put it in a cage, and feed it cocoa pebbles for one year, what do you think would happen to it?


I have asked probably 1000 people this question over the last 5 years, and invariably they chuckle and say: “It’ll get sick and die”.  This isn’t how they answer the question 5 out of 10 times or 7 out of ten times.  This is how they answer the question EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!


It’s amazing how easy it is for people to see this simple fact.  It’s easy because we have all grown up watching lions in their natural, unadulterated habitat.  We watch them hunt and eat wild game.  We know that they are genetically predisposed to thrive by eating meat, and living outdoors in the sun, and being connected to the earth, and living free to roam.  We know that they thrive in packs and die faster on their own.  And we know that if we take away ANY of these aspects of a lion’s life it will fail to thrive and get sick.


So, now I’ll ask you the same question but let’s substitute the lion for a human (and please forgive my referring to a human as an “it”. It’s just easier for writing purposes…and hey if “it” is good enough for a lion, then why isn’t “it” good enough to describe us?):

If you were to take a human and keep it indoors for most of its life, disconnect its feet and body from the earth, allow it to have only minimal amounts of sun, feed it processed & nutritionally dead foods and sugar throwing its blood sugar & insulin levels out of whack, give it a sedentary desk job, put blue-light emitting electronics everywhere in its eyesight day and night, force it to get by on only minimal sleep, use coffee and other substances to artificially prop it up when it’s tired, expose it to a constant flow of toxicity in the air it breathes, the water it drinks, the water it bathes in, the clothing it wears, the products it uses to clean itself and its house, the carpets it lies on, the cabinetry in its home, the car that it drives, the medications that it takes, and create a 24-hour stressful existence for it where it worries constantly about money, work, debt, relationship issues, children, the economy, Al Qaeda, Isis, Hamas, world war 3, murder, rape, kidnapping, theft, weather reports, traffic, overcrowding, politics, and infringement of its freedoms…


What do YOU think would happen to this human?


If you didn’t give the EXACT SAME answer as the one you gave for the same question about the lion, then you’re simply just not getting it!


You see, the problem is that humans living today in modern society don’t view themselves in the same way as we view that lion.  That’s because we have no direct reference around us of humans who are still living in the way that humans were genetically predisposed to thrive.  Everywhere around us, all we see are other humans living the way we live, and dealing with all the same health issues we do.  So to us, we think it’s normal for humans to live this way.  We don’t relate to the way that lion lives.  We feel above that lion.  We are higher beings, right?


Well, the truth is that we are animals!  Just like that lion is an animal.  We might be smarter than a lion, but we are living breathing organisms, with brains, hearts, livers, muscles, skin, and hair…JUST LIKE THAT LION.  And for millions of years, HUMANS evolved and THRIVED in a lifestyle that is the complete polar opposite of the way that we live our lives now.  We’ve just domesticated ourselves and voluntarily turned ourselves into the human versions of the caged lion eating cocoa pebbles!


And then people ask themselves “why am I sick?  I don’t get it.”


Don’t believe me?  There ARE still some, albeit only a few, indigenous human tribes living on earth today in remote places, and they still live their lives the way they have evolved to live for millions of years.  And guess what?  They don’t have even close to the same rates of illness that we have!  They don’t experience alarming rising rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, depression anxiety, allergies, osteoporosis, oral infections, impacted teeth, etc.  If you’re really interested in learning more about this just start looking into the work of Weston A. Price.


These are healthy people with good musculature, strong bones, strong white teeth, and strong immune systems.  They enjoy optimal health because they honor nature and they live their lives in accordance with it, NOT in opposition to it.


So what am I saying here?  Am I telling you that if you want to be healthy you need to move out of America to a remote jungle, start wearing a loin cloth, and hunt & gather your own food?


Well…that WOULD drastically improve your health!
But NO, I’m not saying you need to do that.  What I AM saying is that if you are sick, tired, depressed, or have ANY chronic nagging symptoms that ruin your quality of life and you want to learn how to fix it then the FIRST place you need to start is with this knowledge.

You need to understand that you are an animal no different from that lion and that you are living in discordance with nature and in discordance with how you were genetically designed to live on this earth, and THAT is why you are sick!  THAT is why you are overweight!  THAT is why you have terrible allergies!  THAT is why you have chronic pain!  THAT is why you have any one of the major diseases that plague modern humans like cancer (yes I know there are some cases where cancer is 100% genetic but most cancers are preventable by controlling environment and lifestyle), heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmunity!
Coming to this realization is the first and most important step in getting well!  Because once you see this as clearly as I do, then you will understand what you need to do in order to heal yourself!
This is what we do with our clients at Gold Functional Wellness.  We help them understand the underlying causes of why they are sick, tired, depressed, overweight, etc.  Then we expertly guide them towards implementing powerful lifestyle changes that allow them to continue to enjoy many of the great aspects of modern living without it damaging their health and while building back their health.  Think of working with Gold Functional Wellness as the ultimate life hack that teaches you how to have the best of both worlds:  the conveniences and pleasures of modern living AND vibrant health!

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