More BS about diets being fed to the general public (and I’m calling it out).

Here is a link to an article that I just read about the mediterranean diet and it has me seething.  It is astounding how piss poor the quality of this journalism is.  And to make matters worse, the person who wrote this is a registered dietician (tsk, tsk).

I don’t know where to start:

  • How about with the Ancel Keys “7 country study” that she uses as the basis for why she recommends eating a Mediterranean diet.  Anyone who is plugged into nutritional science knows by now that this study has been completely invalidated and discredited.  Keys was a fraud.  The study initially included 22 countries but when he kept all of the countries studied on his chart there was absolutely zero statistical evidence to indicate a connection or causal relationship between saturated fat, cholesterol, and heart disease.  There were countries plotted on his chart that had high saturated fat and cholesterol intake yet they also had very low incidence of heart disease.  There were countries that had low intake of saturated fat and cholesterol that had very high incidences of heart disease.  So what did keys do?  He simply threw out 15 of the countries that wrecked his hypothesis, kept the 7 that did, and the us government based their entire food pyramid and “healthy eating” strategy on fraudulent science.  And that still haunts Americans to this day.  The fact that this dietician does not know this is concerning.
  • Regarding the actual Mediterranean diet, I will agree that it is healthier than a standard American diet.  In fact, if you look at most of the studies done on the Mediterranean diet, you will find that the health benefits that it purports come from studies that pit it against the standard American diet, which includes McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, chick fil-a, Dairy Queen, KFC, and loads of cotton candy.  I could eat solely DIRT and be healthier than I would be eating the standard American diet.  So yes, bravo Mediterranean diet, you eclipse the SAD in health benefits.
  • The reason why this dietician thinks that the low carb diets which eliminate sugar and grains are not backed by science is because there has yet to be a popular study that puts the 2 diets against each other.  I’d be VERY curious to see the results of a study like that one.
  • And she claims there is no science behind low carb dieting? She she learn to use google.  Enter “ketogenic diet studies” and see what she finds.
  • She suggests eating refined grains and throwing some arugula on your pizza.  Uhh, lady I hate to break it to you but: if you throw a vegetable on a pile of shit, you’ll end up eating vegetables on a pile of shit.  Refined flour wreaks havoc on blood sugar levels and is one of the main culprits in obesity and inflammation.

Just goes to show you that having a “license” doesn’t mean you have any idea whatsoever about what you are doing.  Whenever your read or watch the news or editorial articles like this one, you really need to put your thinking caps on, or you can and will get taken for a ride.  It’s unfortunate, but true.

That is all for today guys.


Rick Gold.

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