The Natural Blood Sugar & Insulin Fix Group Coaching Program (special)

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Hi, my name is Rick Gold.  I’m a functional wellness coach and a certified FDN practitioner.  

A lot of people ask me “how do I know if my blood sugar and insulin levels are out of whack?”  Well, one way is certainly through blood tests where you test fasting glucose, fasting insulin, and Hemoglobin A1C.  


Another way is to look at your symptoms.  For instance, are you overweight?  Especially around the midsection?  Do you suffer from those 3 pm dips in energy every day where you feel like you can just take a nap right there at your desk and need coffee or a sweet snack to wake up?  Do you have dark, velvety patches of skin on your knees or elbows?  Do you have lots of skin tags?  Do you feel chronic fatigue or frequently sapped of energy?  And does that feeling alleviate after a meal or a snack?  Do you sometimes get dizzy spells, especially after a workout?  Do you get “hangry” or hungry to the point of irritability if you haven’t eaten for 3 or 4 hours?  How about extreme thirst or frequent urination? 


If you regularly experience one or more of these symptoms, there’s a REALLY good chance that you’re suffering from blood sugar and insulin dysregulation. 


Blood sugar and insulin dysregulation is one of the major drivers of inflammation, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, food cravings, over-eating, poor sleep, low immune function, disease initiation and disease progression!  


So, if you’re looking to improve your health in 2017, and your blood sugar and insulin levels are out of whack, this is an EXCELLENT place to start!  


If you’re watching this video it’s likely because you’ve expressed interest in joining my first group coaching program for 2017, “The natural blood sugar & insulin fix”.  


Thanks so much for your interest in what is sure to be an AMAZING journey for all involved!  What I really want to get across to you in this video is what this group coaching program will include and why it’s different than any other Facebook groups you might belong to.  So let’s jump right in! 


In my comprehensive group coaching program I’m going to teach you about many natural, lifestyle strategies you can implement that will likely make a HUGE positive impact on your health by helping you to balance your blood sugar and insulin levels.  I’m going to in a sense, “hold your hand” throughout the program by not overwhelming you with ALL of the information you will need to know on day 1.  Instead, every day I will be providing you with one or 2 tidbits of information that you’ll need to learn and understand on your journey to better health, and for each small lesson I’ll be there to answer questions in the thread below. 


That’s important, because I assure you, there’s a lot to learn!  This isn’t just a program that focuses on diet and exercise.  We DO focus on those things, but there is SO much more that goes into proper management of blood sugar and insulin levels through lifestyle.  Things like:


– the quality and quantity of your sleep

– the amount of natural sunlight you get

– your light and dark cycles, or circadian rhythms

– lowering your toxic burden emotionally, physically, and biochemically

– identifying and eliminating food sensitivities

– what type of exercise is best for improving insulin sensitivity? 

– understanding how to shift your macro nutrient intake (meaning, fat, protein, and carbohydrates)

– balancing your hormones to help improve insulin levels and sensitivity

– certain supplements you can take that might help

And much more! 


So I’m designing the program so that it’s broken down into little, digestible nuggets on a daily basis.  I’ll be posting every day in the group about the “lesson” for the day, and I’ll also be posting links to tons of scientific and clinical research that backs up the stuff that I am going to teach you about.  And don’t worry, I pride myself on being able to break these studies down into laymen terms so that anyone and everyone can understand them! 


I’m also going to be doing several “live q&a” video interactions with you every week where we will discuss any questions or concerns you might have.  This is a TRUE group coaching program.  It’s not like other Facebook groups.  You’ll be getting the benefit of the thousands of hours of research and application of these lifestyle strategies that I use with my clients every day.  And You’ll get the benefit of daily support from a certified FDN functional wellness practitioner! 


Another reason why I’m SO excited about this group and why you should be too is that the benefits to you don’t stop there!  This group coaching program will be an ongoing and ever-growing community.


As a group member, you’ll also benefit from discounted pricing on supplements that are usually only available to you through health practitioners.  So you’ll have the option to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year on supplements! 


You’ll also benefit from discounted fees should you decide to work with me one on one to build a more customized health protocol for yourself, or to run functional lab tests to get an idea of what is happening metabolically inside your body!  Group members will have access to testing for sex hormones, melatonin and cortisol levels, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic gut infections, organic acids, genetic mutations, heavy metals, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, food sensitivities, and so much more!


You’ll benefit from discounts on phone consultations, functional blood test interpretation reports, and more! 


So, it’s really important to understand what being a part of this community is about and why it’s different than any other online group you might belong to. 


The reason I created this group is that tens of millions of Americans have blood sugar & insulin issues, inflammation, and other chronic health issues, and many of them really want to work with a functional medicine doctor or other functional practitioners, but they simply don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on it.  Some functional medicine practitioners charge upwards of $10,000-$13,000 to work with them when all is said and done, and others run between $2000-$5000! 


So, I realized a while back that there is this whole segment of the American population that is chronically ill, WANTS a DIFFERENT, lifestyle-based approach to getting better that is a great adjunct to whatever they’re doing with their conventional doctors, but has essentially been shut out by the alternative medicine community because, unfortunately, Insurance doesn’t cover functional wellness.


I tried to create the best solution possible to help this segment of the American population while also still being able to run my practice appropriately, and this group coaching program was born from that mission! 


I decided to make membership in the group affordable for pretty much anyone, even people on a tight budget.  Gaining membership is a one-time $99 fee.  After that, staying a member of the group and having all the benefits that members get is a mere $10 per month!  


So, if you’re motivated and ready to take your health to the next level, and you’re ready to join, simply pay the initial $99 activation fee HERE, and provide me with you’re your email, and and link to your Facebook profile by emailing me at 


The group is officially launching shortly, so you’ll also get the benefit of being a grandfathered early adopter if you join now, as these low prices are likely to change once the program is mature!  


I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your health goals in 2017!  See you soon! Thanks! 

Rick Gold

Disclaimer: This group program, as well as any shared information or content in this group program, should never be considered medical advice. It is for the purpose of sharing information only. You should check first with a licensed medical professional before making any changes to your diet or supplement regimen. Every new member of the group is made aware of the presence of this disclaimer and they are required to read it before starting the program or engaging with Rick Gold, any representative of Gold Functional Wellness, or any other members of the group.  Rick Gold is not a medical doctor or licensed medical professional.  He does not diagnose, treat, or claim to cure any disease or condition, nor does he prescribe pharmaceutical drugs.  All of his programs are strictly lifestyle-based interventions.