Why you should NEVER eat non-organic butter from CAFO cows!

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What do conventionally raised cows eat? Conventionally grown grains, such as corn and soy. 
What pesticides are found in conventionally grown corn and soy? BT Toxin and glyphosate (RoundUp)
Where do toxins get stored in animals as well as humans? FAT tissues 
What is butter made from? Milk FAT.
What are we eating when we eat butter from conventionally fed cattle?

BT toxin and glyphosate! a concentrated shot of it!

Could this be one reason butter is implicated as a health damaging food? Could it be that saturated fats are being wrongly vilified bc we’re lumping toxic butter from CAFO cows with clean, grass-fed butter from pastured cows?
Takeaway – Unless you want to down-regulate your body’s ability to detoxify itself, destroy your gut bacteria populations, ensure chronic immune system activation, and promote disease, ALWAYS pass on non-organic, non-grass-fed butter…at home or at restaurants!

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