See what others are saying about Rick Gold!

See what others are saying about Rick Gold!

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“Recently, I had my blood work results evaluated by Rick Gold who is the President of Gold Functional Wellness. I met Rick on his Facebook page — Evidence-Based Healing.

I have to say, I was a little nervous about the process. It seemed out of my character to talk with someone about my health; especially someone I didn’t know. However, I was mistaken. Rick was very professional and treated me with the utmost respect. He was quick to respond by email and assured me that he was exactly who he said he was – a certified FDN Practitioner.

I then sent Rick all my labs and he ran it through his comprehensive software. I then received (via email) a PDF file with all my blood work analyzed in a clearly defined report that included my optimal blood work outcomes.

I went through the document many times reviewing all the information, which I found very accurate and valuable. Soon thereafter, I scheduled an appointment with Rick to speak to him on the phone. He called me as planned and we went through my all-encompassing health report. Rick was very easy to talk with and is full of a lot of beneficial evidenced based health knowledge. He answered all my questions and explained any inquiries I had on my blood work, diet and overall health.

It should be noted, as a woman, there was never I time I felt uncomfortable. In addition, I didn’t feel like he was trying to “sell” me anything. He shared with me his professional opinion on how to deal with my health issues and we established a short-term plan. I felt like part of the team and I am confident with my blood work results, his support, a good diet and clear health plan I can improve my over all well-being.

Everyone should have this opportunity and I would recommend Rick to anyone wanting to know more about their personal health. Thank you Rick for your information, knowledge and encouragement.”  Erin S.  – Maryland


“I am one of those people with symptoms that Rick discusses in his presentation every week. I finally decided to take charge of my health and commit to getting better by working with Rick. My first symptom was a horrible rash over my hands extending to my elbows, on my legs, and on my neck. The two dermatologists I went to see said “find another job…contact dermatitis”. I’m a massage therapist. I knew it was systemic. The rest of my symptoms were lack of energy, fatigue, trouble sleeping, indigestion, bloating, acid reflux, hot flashes & night sweats.

I started with five functional lab tests and now have all my results back. We found a culprit that pertains to my digestive system. I’ve started protocols of stress reduction, supplements, and changed my diet (this takes true commitment). It’s a long process, but worth it.

Here are my results: I sleep more soundly; I have crazy energy during the day, my rash has gotten MUCH better (only on one finger), that over 50 menopausal extra in the middle and bloating is no longer there; I lost 5 lbs (wasn’t trying to); no more belching, indigestion, or acid reflux. I’ve learned to pay attention to how I feel and how food affects me in different ways from energy to rashes.

Abby B - Before and After ACTUAL PHOTOS

Abby B – Before and After ACTUAL PHOTOS

The next steps are to get the gut bacteria (good and bad) under control and tackle the hot flashes and night sweats.

I feel great, and I can tell you first-hand that proper nutrition is the key to a healthy you. Thanks, Rick! You’ve been caring, responsive, and always available for me.”  Abigail B. – Boca Raton

“I, like many others here, have been chasing my tail trying to figure out why my digestive system isn’t working properly and why I just don’t feel “healthy”. I have seen countless Doctors and Specialists and it seems like they all have the same modus operandi; hand the patient some pharmaceuticals and Band-Aid the issue.

In my case and I imagine in many others, this only works in the short-term and even tends to exacerbate the underlying issue.

It was at this point that I decided to go with a more holistic approach and ultimately my quest to find the right practitioner led me to Rick Gold.

Unlike every other person I had spoken to prior, Rick actually wanted to know about all of the things that might be contributing to my underlying issue, including potential life-stressors, overall diet, previous drugs I had taken, family-issues, etc. Basically, he did what no practitioner had done prior, which is looking at ALL contributing factors to my symptoms and worked to find the cause and a solution rather than just focusing on one finite area.

Ultimately Rick helped me change my diet and recommended a variety of healing supplements.  My improved health allowed me to taper my meds!  The results have been dramatic and I couldn’t be happier with both the interaction I had with Rick and the results. An overall extremely positive experience and one that’s likely to change the way I deal with my ailments in the future.” – Avi K. – NY


“The blood test interpretation report is phenomenal! In a field where caring for each client’s needs is essential, yet exceptionally time-consuming, paired with clinical correlation and proper training, this software enables practitioners and doctors to better help more people in an effective, efficient, and targeted way. It has even helped me to find the root cause of my own daughter’s sudden condition and gave me solid direction for further investigation, areas for improvement, and specific healing protocols at a time when I was worried, scared, and at a loss as to where to start. This is an exceptional program that not only guides health care professionals, but gives direction and an empowered plan of action to the client or patient, as well. Thank you, Rick, for introducing me to this invaluable tool and for expertly guiding me through the process! I will be certain to continue to use this software with my clients and my own family, as well.” – Carla A. – Canada

“Working with Rick has been invaluable to me. He has a wealth of knowledge that he is willing to share, and that knowledge is a huge resource for those dealing with system malfunctions such as leaky gut, candida, poor liver function etc. Rick has been such a pleasure to work with, so understanding about our limited finances and delays in the schedule. He’s also had good ideas about some of the health problems my children deal with, and has sent me links to relevant research.

The tests themselves provided answers and understanding to the health problems I had set out to solve. They were very comprehensive, and easy to do. Sometimes it can feel like you are stumbling around in the dark, when trying to solve chronic health problems. So many symptoms, that no main stream doctor can connect or explain, and which they want to treat individually, when you know there is a missing link. Working with Rick shed light, connected the dots, and made sense of what I have been dealing with.”  Beth B., – Alaska

“Last year, I was diagnosed with IBD and my doctor told me that my condition has no cure and that we needed to manage the symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs. I was petrified. Working with Rick has really helped to open my eyes and given me hope about my health. I felt totally comfortable with him from our very first conversation. His knowledge about health is impressive, by following his advice I was able to make lifestyle changes that have helped me a lot. I’m still on my prescription drugs for my IBD (just scared to get off of them for now) but I’ve been on Rick’s recommended protocols for about 5 months now and I do feel a tremendous improvement in my overall health and especially in my IBD symptoms. I’ve lost weight, improved my digestion, sleep better, and gained energy. I would definitely recommend Rick to any friends or family of mine.” Maya B. – Boston

“I have a stressful, high profile career and work odd hours. It definitely took a huge toll on me. I was a 35 year old guy that felt like he was 60! Rick helped me by teaching me how to live a lifestyle outside of my work that boosts my health and makes my body more resilient to the stress that I endure. People have been asking me ‘what are you doing? You look great!’ Without hesitation, I give them Rick’s contact information!” Dan M. – New York

“Rick’s blog is very informative (and FREE! I like that part!) about diet, nutrition, and health in general. I subscribed to it and it has helped me implement a cleaner eating strategy for myself and my family and to rid the house of harmful chemicals that I didn’t even think I needed to worry about. I really like how he backs up all of his information by linking to relevant scientific studies” Jill G. – Miami

“What I like best about working with Rick is that he under promises and over delivers. He always tries his best to help me accomplish my health goals while avoiding unnecessary spending. The lab tests are pretty amazing. I found out more about the state of my health and how to improve it in 3 months of working with Rick than I have by going to many doctors over the course of my entire life.” Jeff N. – North Carolina

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