What is FDN?

The root causes of your symptoms, beneath the surface.

The root causes of your symptoms, beneath the surface.

FDN helps you identify & eliminate the root causes of your health complaints!

Headaches ♦ Migraines ♦ Insomnia ♦ Weight Gain ♦ Joint Pain ♦ Inflammation ♦ Blood Sugar Problems ♦ Skin Conditions ♦ Indigestion ♦ Acid Reflux ♦ Bloating ♦ Constipation ♦ Diarrhea ♦ Low Energy ♦ Depression ♦ Anxiety ♦ Chronic Infections ♦ Low Immunity




Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Have you been suffering from any of the chronic symptoms listed above for a long time?  Have you tried “just about everything” and still suffer?

Hi, my name is Rick Gold.  I’m the President of Gold Functional Wellness and a certified FDN Practitioner.  FDN can change your life!  Many people who work with FDN Practitioners will tell you that doing so was the best decision they ever made!  Click here to read some testimonials.

Rather than focus on symptoms, FDN finds the root cause and helps you implement a “lifestyle reboot”.  The goal is to reduce inflammation and to improve  immune function, digestion, hormonal balance, and adrenal function.  Click here to learn more about FDN.

Working with a certified FDN practitioner allows you to FINALLY take charge of your health!  After all, NO ONE cares about your health more than you!

About Gold Functional Wellness


Gold Functional Wellness is a private holistic health & wellness consulting practice based on the concepts and philosophies of functional medicine.  Our mission is to help clients drastically improve their health, increase energy levels and boost immune function by teaching them how to identify and eliminate the hidden stressors in their life that cause inflammation, adrenal dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, digestive issues, organ dysfunction, and emotional stress.


This is accomplished in 2 phases:

  • Phase I – Use functional lab testing (saliva, urine, hair, stool, & blood) to assess function in the following areas of the body:
    • Adrenals & Hormones
    • Digestion & Gut Function
    • Vitamin, Mineral, & Antioxidant Levels
    • Toxicity levels
    • Immune Function
    • Detox Pathways
    • Neurotransmitters


  • Phase II – Implement a holistic, fully customized “Lifestyle Reboot” program that addresses ALL areas necessary to promote vibrant health. I call it the D.R.E.S.S.™ for Health Success model:
    • Diet – Eliminate food sensitivities, & flood the body with proper nutrition.
    • Rest – Optimize sleep.
    • Exercise – Recommend the correct level & intensity for each client’s health status.
    • Stress reduction – Teach coping mechanisms, use functional lab testing to find hidden stressors in the body.
    • Supplementation – intelligent supplementation to support organ function.


It’s Easy To Get Started:


Gold Functional Wellness guides you through a “self-testing” and “self-care” model.  Once you sign up, the process is very easy:

  1. Paperwork – Fill out & return the required medical history & symptom survey intake forms.
  2. Collect – Collect your specimens:
    • Lab test kits are drop-shipped to your home.
    • You collect saliva, urine, stool, and hair samples in the privacy of your home. Each kit comes with detailed instructions for collection.
    • For blood samples, a lab in your area will be identified to draw blood for you.
  3. Send – You send your specimens to the labs:
    • Each lab kit comes with a prepaid FedEx envelope. Simply put the kit into the envelope and drop it off at your nearest FedEx location!
  4. Results & Recommendations Consultation:
    • Once Gold Functional Wellness receives your results we will schedule a call to discuss interpretation and recommendations.

Well, What are you waiting for?? Contact us TODAY and let’s get started!

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